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EasyPark customers have the choice of using 1 of 2 options to pay with their smartphones:

Download the App

EasyPark Parking is available for on the iPhone App Store and in the Google Play store

Android App on Google PlayApp Store

Use the Web App

Go to
from any desktop or 
mobile web browser.

Launch the Web Parking App
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How it Works

Find Parking

On the map, tap a pin to display the lot name and address. Tap again to see detailed lot information, such as entrances and rate information. Initiate a parking session by tapping the “Pay for Parking” button.

Where can I pay with my phone?

Look for EasyPark Parking signage at EasyPark lots or on the sides of pay stations to see where the service is in effect. Be sure to look for the specific Zone Number displayed at the bottom signage.

Easy Park App- Find Parking

Create Account

Create a secure 4-digit PIN to quickly login to EasyPark Parking. Next, add vehicle information for the vehicle you wish to park. EasyPark Parking conveniently saves this information for future use, saving you the hassle of additional typing.


Pay for Parking

Select the amount of time you’d like to park and enter your credit card information. Finally, review transaction details and confirm by clicking okay. That’s it! You’ve successfully paid for parking.

What is a Lot Code?

A lot code identifies the area where you are parked. However, with the EasyPark App's revolutionary Pay Here Button, you don't need to enter a lot code. The app knows where you are. Just click on Pay Here and chose the lot you're in. That's it you're done! No need to waste time looking for a lot code. You can even pay for parking while never leaving the safety of your car.

Easy Park App- Find Parking

Why Use EasyPark Parking?

We’ve made parking smarter and easier…Benefits include:

carousel_images-1 Extend parking sessions anywhere There’s no need to return to the meter, simply extend your parking session using the app, phone, or text
carousel_images-2 View or print parking receipts Keep track of your parking payments with downloadable reports or, print your receipts
carousel_images-3 Secure payment All data is encrypted to ensure safe and secure payment
carousel_images-4 Save money on parking Participating local businesses can choose to validate parking for their customers
carousel_images-5 Find parking that’s best for you Find the parking closest to your destination or that fits your budget with just a few clicks
carousel_images-6 Receive reminders Get a text message or push notification before your parking session expires
carousel_images-7 Skip the parking meter Pay for parking on the go or from the comfort of your vehicle

Enhance Your Shopping Experience

Merchant Validation Program with EasyPark Parking App

For Merchants

Give Shoppers an incentive to visit your store

By offering a discount on their parking session when they pay with the EasyPark App, local businesses can boost their business by subsidizing their customers parking when they pay with the EasyPark App.   


For Customers

Customers get discounted parking and merchants get their business. Everyone wins! Follow the steps below to enter the discount code on your first parking session with the App!

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