EasyPark has a service history of over 70 years in parking management and excellence within the City of Vancouver. EasyPark’s operations have grown to encompass more than 125 parking facilities in over 60 diverse client accounts.

Founded in 1948 by visionary downtown merchants, the Corporation manages and operates parkades and properties owned or leased by the City of Vancouver, or joint ventures between the City and third parties. Profits have far exceeded what was originally invested and these gains are continually reinvested to increase off-street parking assets.  The Corporation, which operates as a non-profit public authority, was a model of public-private partnership long before the phrase became fashionable.

The Parking Corporation of Vancouver is now known as EasyPark.  The share structure gives the City of Vancouver sole title to the assets of, and the revenues generated by, the Corporation.  EasyPark is governed by a board of two appointed and eight elected directors.

An organization that began life as the brainchild of a small group of downtown business owners, has evolved into an organization that ranks among the very best of North American parking facility management companies. This has been accomplished by sticking to the principles of its founders: to provide safe, friendly, clean and affordable parking to the Greater Vancouver community.

Where do your parking fees go?

All net revenues go to the respective owners of the parking facilities (which is the City of Vancouver in the majority of cases) for reinvestment in the development of public parking facilities. Easypark facilities are intended to act as an integral component of Vancouver's transportation infrastructure and their use should be complementary to the vitality of the downtown business community.