Founded in 1947, EasyPark’s origins trace back to the Downtown Parking Corporation (DPC) of Vancouver, established by local businessmen in response to the competitive threat posed by Park Royal, Canada’s first enclosed shopping mall just across the Lion’s Gate Bridge in West Vancouver. This initiative reflected a strategic economic response to safeguard downtown Vancouver’s commercial vitality against the allure of suburban shopping centers.

The rebranding of the corporation to EasyPark in the 1990s introduced a modern era of parking management, aligning with advancements in technology and shifting consumer expectations.

This transformation signified more than a name change; it represented EasyPark’s adaptation to the future of urban mobility, employing innovative solutions to enhance accessibility and convenience for parking users.

Through this evolution, EasyPark has demonstrated a forward-looking approach to urban planning, contributing significantly to improving the quality of life in Metro Vancouver and keeping pace with global trends in transportation and urban development.     


We are a local  company that is based out in Downtown Vancouver. 

Our growing success in the industry is based in great part on a basic, grassroots concept: make the space welcoming, keep it that way, and customers will be happy to return. Other critical components of parking services management include – security, enforcement, customer service, marketing, loyalty development, janitorial, snow removal, and landscaping. 

Vision, Mission, and Values 

Our Vision:

Making The "Real" Easy & Safe

Our Mission: 

We deliver customer-centric, safe, sustainable, and effortless mobility hubs connecting people where they want to be.   In doing so, we optimize our contribution to the sustained health and vitality of the communities we work in. 

Our Values:

  1. Safety: The safety & security of our customers and employees is job #1.
  2. Customer Focus: We are committed to excellence in caring for our customers, community, shareholders, and each other.
  3. Growth & Innovation: We are always looking for a better way. We are never satisfied with status quo.
  4. Sustainability: We are committed to the financial, social, and environmental outcomes in service of our shareholders and the communities we work in. 
  5. Accountability: Each of us takes responsibility for our actions, decisions, and results. We do what we say. 
  6. Teamwork: We recognize that our success depends on us moving together.