EasyPark has a service history of over 7​5 years in parking management and excellence within the City of Vancouver. 

Founded in 1948 by visionary downtown merchants, the Corporation manages and operates parkades within the City of Vancouver  An organization that began life as the brainchild of a small group of downtown business owners, has evolved into an organization that ranks among the very best of North American parking facility management companies.


We are a local Vancouver based company that is based out in Downtown Vancouver. 

Our growing success in the industry is based in great part on a basic, grassroots concept: make the space welcoming, keep it that way, and customers will be happy to return. Other critical components of parking services management include – security, enforcement, customer service, marketing, loyalty development, janitorial, snow removal, and landscaping. 

Over the past 10 years, EasyPark’s experience, expertise, and innovation in our technology development and marketing programs have positioned us as industry consultants in multiple fields and earned us national and international recognition through:

  • 6 Canadian Parking Association Awards 
  • 2 National Parking Association Awards 
  • 7 International Parking & Mobility Institute Awards

EasyPark’s operations have grown to encompass more than 1​50 parking facilities in Metro Vancouver.

For more information about EasyPark contact us at communications@easypark.ca  ​