ZipBy launches automatic gated off-street site at EasyPark Lot 19 in Vancouver

Apr 14, 2023

Vancouver, BC, April 14th, 2023

ZipBy and EasyPark have collaborated to launch an automatic payment and gate entry parking system at Lot 19 @ 900 West Cordova St, Vancouver BC, Canada.  ZipBy's technology enables drivers to enter the parking lot through the app and exit automatically without the need to touch their cellphone or wind down the window. If there is a parking fee it is charged to their credit card and a receipt is emailed to them, eliminating the need to wait in line at the pay station.

“The benefits of this partnership are numerous: a faster and easier user experience, increased turnover with reduced queuing, savings on administration, hardware, and consumer costs, and 100% revenue capture.” Says ZipBy President Shirley Rodriguez.  “As a leader in parking technology, ZipBy has already been offering drivers at Harvard University in Boston, and Grant MacEwan University in Alberta this same ticketless wireless Bluetooth experience. With this latest launch drivers in Vancouver can now have the same offering and we are pleased that EasyPark are the first to launch in Vancouver.”

EasyPark’s CEO Nigel Bullers says ‘The first time, I drove through a gated lot with ZipBy I knew that we had to bring this experience to Vancouver. The gate opened without me touching my cell phone as I approached. The product is invisible. You simply drive in and out. Everything happens in the background just like magic. We have been searching for a gated parking solution for over 7 years and nothing comes close to what ZipBy can deliver. We are a long-standing member of BC Tech Association, and that is no coincidence. Over the past few years, we have been inspired to search for ways to use technology to improve the lives of drivers with an eye on quick, seamless, and safe solutions. We have installed several LPR (License Plate Recognition) systems in garages and they help to some extent. However, they all need drivers to perform some manual process and it all falls apart when drivers are in a different vehicle. The ZipBy solution using the driver’s phone, ensures that entry, exit, and payment are all seamless and safer than any other method because the driver doesn’t touch the phone or the parking equipment while operating the vehicle.

“Driver safety and sustainable solutions are really important to both our clients and their customers” says Gary Khor V.P. of Technology and I.T.  “ZipBy is the safest way for people to enter a garage, and we remove the need to line up at a pay station. We also eliminate the need for paper and tickets and the wear and tear that comes with it.”

“A really important consideration as we searched for a solution like this was that we would not have to have two systems for the customer” says Ravinder Bains Director of Client Services. We did not want to have customers use one system to enter gated lots and then another system when parking at open lots, beaches, and parks.  With ZipBy drivers get the best of both worlds. A Bluetooth wireless hands-free solution at a gate and the same app can be used to make payments on 150 other EasyPark lots around the city. To help promote this new solution customers get 10% off the price of parking at Lot 19, and most other EasyPark lots around the city.  We are looking forward to rolling out to more gated sites the ZipBy solution and to provide a truly contactless experience for EasyPark customers.”

This launch is the first of many gated sites to come for ZipBy and EasyPark

About ZipBy:

ZipBy is the only parking technology globally that offers a combination of On Street, Off Street and Surface Lot parking, all in one mobile app. The ZipBy app becomes the parking meter. ZipBy is head quartered in Sydney, Australia with offices in the USA and Canada. For more information, please visit

About EasyPark:

Formed in 1947, EasyPark is dedicated to making parking easy. The company redesigns and reinvents parking services for clients such as public-sector organizations, including the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Park Board, and some of Vancouver’s largest property management companies, including Cadillac Fairview and Bentall Green Oak. For more information, please visit

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