International Parking & Mobility Institute Supervisor of the Year Award

Jun 12, 2019

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Chelsea Kidd of EasyPark in Vancouver, B.C., Canada is
2019 Parking Supervisor of the Year

Kidd earns praise from customers and colleagues for her educational, positive approach

“customer service [can be] truly tested, and you passed with flying colors!

Thank you for your professionalism!”

(Anaheim, Calif. -- June 2019)  – The International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI) has named Chelsea Kidd, supervisor of customer service, collections, and monthly parking at EasyPark in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, its 2019 Parking Supervisor of the Year.

The award, part of IPMI’s annual Professional Recognition Program, was announced at its 2019 Conference & Expo in Anaheim, Calif., June 9-12. The award honors professionals who supervise one or more employees within a parking/transportation department or unit.


Kidd’s customer-service approach has changed the culture at EasyPark in Vancouver. Using customer violations as an opportunity for education, she has trained her staff to be firm yet fair in dealing with appeals, garnering numerous accolades for the staff’s professionalism and empathy. She is highly regarded among EasyPark’s corporate clients, working tirelessly to respond to their requests and ensure their satisfaction with the parking program.

As a key stakeholder in EasyPark’s daily operations, Kidd works with almost every department and is considered an expert on the parking management system. She develops new ideas to streamline processes for both clients and employees, keeps statistics on cancelled violations, and updates operations staff so they can educate frontline patrollers. A self-proclaimed “parking nerd,” her commitment to customers and the industry earned her an EasyPark Customer Service Award in 2017.

Colleagues applaud Kidd’s skills in resolving customer concerns in a calm, positive, and sensitive manner, aiming to make customers feel appreciated.

“Chelsea advocates for customers constantly by ensuring we are doing the right things for our clients,” says Jennifer Gee, EasyPark Senior Vice-President, Human Resources. “That includes considering lighting, wayfinding and safe walks. She also ensures that customer’s comments and suggestions are considered by EasyPark”


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About IPMI - Founded in 1962, IPMI is dedicated to advancing the parking profession, given the integral role parking plays in maintaining the social, economic and environmental quality of life in a region. 

About EasyPark - Founded in 1947, EasyPark’s mission is straightforward: “make parking easy”. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, its mandate is to provide safe, convenient and affordable parking, with operations that include 135 parking facilities in 60 client accounts in B.C., who are part of the EasyPark brand.

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