Safety & Security

Parking Safety

At EasyPark we believe our patrons should feel safe and secure when they park downtown and feel comfortable visiting as frequently as they like. As well as providing competitive short term rates, we place strong emphasis on patron safety by insuring our parking lots have clear sight lines and are brightly lit. In addition, many access points to elevators and stairs are glass enclosed for better visibility.

Don’t Leave Valuables in Your Car

It may seem like common sense, but leaving valuables in your vehicle is a prime opportunity for thieves to break in and help themselves. Many auto vehicle burglaries are crimes of opportunity and temptation. Thieves can see your possessions in the vehicle, and decide to help themselves. Avoid this by keeping valuables out of sight. Tucking a purse or wallet under the seat is never a good idea, as thieves might see a strap or a corner from an angle you might not have considered. Thieves are motivated to find valuables – so carry these items with you instead of leaving them where they can be taken.

If you have to leave items in your car, put them in your trunk, where they are hidden and therefore more protected. But, an additional caution: Don’t put your valuables in the trunk when you arrive at your destination. Thieves may see you deposit your items in the trunk before leaving your car unattended, and know exactly where to look for your purse or laptop.

Free Emergency Services

EasyPark has launched a complimentary customer service program to help with these inopportune frustrations. Simply dial 604-682-0555 (as indicated by our on-site signage) to request a service call. We'll be there to help within 30 minutes.

EasyPark Emergency Service Program:

  • Complimentary battery boost to start your vehicle.
  • Complimentary retrieval of keys locked within your vehicle (upon sufficient proof of ownership of the vehicle, of course).
  • Complimentary inflation of your tire where inflation is required for safe use.
  • Complimentary removal of damaged flat tire and replacement with vehicle's serviceable spare tire.

All services are provided under contract by Buster's Towing Services. Any services beyond those listed above are not included in the program and are provided by Buster's at the customer's cost. Buster's staff are trained to provide these services in a manner to ensure that there is no damage to the vehicle, the vehicle's finish or any mechanical or electronic systems.